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massageWe invite you to experience one of the treasures of life-Massage. We offer several styles from which to choose, but more importantly, our professional massage therapists accommodate your specific request to make this experience one to truly remember. If you have a preference, state it when you call for your appointment.

Herbal Remedy Massage

This treatment blends holistic beauty with massage therapy. Our therapist will customize your massage to address specific needs, conditions, and desired results. Adding therapeutic properties of organic herbs and flowers will deepen the results well beyond relaxation. It will also restore the glow of health to your entire system.
30 minutes – $55
60 minutes – $85
90 minutes – $125
120 minutes – $175

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes – $65
60 minutes – $95
90 minutes – $135

Healing Jade Stone Massage

Jade is one of the oldest known stones and is considered the stone of heaven and prosperity. This type of massage treatment blends the therapeutic properties of heated jade stones with Swedish massage techniques to deeply penetrate tight muscles, improve circulation and promote a deep sense of well being.
75 minutes – $125
90 minutes – $150
2 hours – $200

Couples Massage

1 hour – $190
90 minutes – $260
2 hours – $330

Pregnancy Massage

60 min – $100

Therapeutic Steam Treatments

Add a session to any massage
 30 minutes – $50