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Body Treatments

Hydrotherapy Foot Treatment

Enjoy a stimulating foot bath and exfoliation of the feet and calves with dead sea minerals and essential oils. This treatment is followed by a stress relieving foot massage which relieves stress and tension, improves blood supply and promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses. A truly pampering experience!
30 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $85

Pink Himalayan Salt Body Wrap

Restore youth and vitality to the skin with our organic Pink Himalayan Salt Body Wrap. Pink Himalayan salt is infused with organic jojoba oil to exfoliate, detoxify and hydrate the skin while calming and soothing the mind. After your body is gently exfoliated you are cocooned in warmth within our steam canopy allowing the body to absorb all 84 pure trace minerals and elements of the Himalayan salt. You’ll enjoy a deep calming of the central nervous system which relieves stress, calms the mind and leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. We finish the treatment with a luxurious application of organic body butter to nourish and moisturize the skin.
60 minutes – $125

Detoxifying Mud Body Wrap

A deeply relaxing body treatment integrating the ancient healing benefits of steam therapy, organic herbs and essential oils. Following a thorough dry brushing to exfoliate and increase circulation, an organic herbal mud mask is applied to the body to deeply detoxify and draw out impurities. While lying comfortably on a massage table you’ll enjoy an aromatherapy steam bath to increase the therapeutic benefits of the herbal mud and rid your body of accumulated toxins associated with many illnesses. You’ll enjoy the most blissful, relaxing and beneficial body treatment that you’ve ever experienced.
75 minutes – $150